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We strategically scale your business while maintaining the costs, through the power of outsourcing.

Data Processing Services

Your company or customer data, when transformed into relevant business information, is one of the best assets you can have. From the process of collection to storage, this data should be handled with due diligence, confidentiality, accuracy, and efficiency.

Inbound Call Center

Telework PH’s top of the line inbound call center service will turn satisfied customers into loyal customers promoting your brand. We specialized in maintaining great relationships with your clientele which is fundamental for customer base retention and expansion.

Outbound Call Center

Successful businesses don't wait around and just respond to customer inquiries, they take bold, proactive steps to engage their customers. This type of assertive action is necessary for lead generation, sales, marketing, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.

Back Office Operations

Scaling your business doesn't have to mean a huge increase in overhead. Keep your core back office operations and complement it with an offshore accounting, engineering or human resource team to accommodate your expanding needs.

Virtual Assistance

Are you spending too much time answering phone calls, responding to emails, scheduling appointments, creating and executing various to-do lists? Eliminate the burden and focus your attention on the strategic components of your organization with a professional virtual assistant.

As a growing business we've been faced with challenges that had us think of a more sensible solution. Telework PH came in very highly recommended by our VP of Customer Success. We were able to save more or less 40% on operating costs and our coverage has increased to 24/7. We got very happy customers!

Financial Company in CA

Telework PH is one of the best centers we have partnered with and we are very much looking forward to expanding our team with them this year!

Automation Software in NSW

Our time to first response and resolution times decreased over time. We were able to maintain a minimal backlog year after year. More calls were being answered in a timely manner.

Analysis Software in NY

The significant results are that our company was able to provide a great service to our client base. As well as, it gave us a good measure and indicator that we were able to scale the project and can take our product to the next level. Lastly, this working relationship is one that will help us with next year's process. We now have a team who has gone through the entire workflow and can now offer suggestions and better practices too.

Software in IL