How It Works

Once you decide to partner with us, here is how it’s going to work in 6 easy steps:


1. Fill out the application form so we know what you’ll need.

Just fill out our online application form and provide us with your information and what service you'll need for your business.

2. We’ll get back with you within 24-48 hours.

Once we have received your application form, we'll send you an acknowledgement receipt and evaluate your needs. We'll also send you a link to the discovery call. This is so we can know you better, understand your need and provide you an outsourcing strategy that will work for your business.


3. We’ll present you the agreement.

Review the agreement and sign it. This is going to be the start of your business transformation!

4. Settle the initial payment.

Settle the initial payment and we will start working on the deliverables.


5. We get the job done for you.

We make sure our team gets the work done your way, efficiently, and excellently. You can be as hands-on as you want or you can choose not to micro-manage.

6. You will get reports.

We know how it can be a hassle to follow up on what has been accomplished by your staff, so we will do the reports and submit them to you periodically. At TeleWork PH, we commit to providing you value for your money. We don’t want to complicate how we work because we know you need to focus on your goal.

Click on the "Get Started" button below to start.