Want to Improve Your Work-Life Balance? Here are 5 Tips to Guide You


When it comes to the workplace culture, the topic of work-life balance is one that’s constantly been talked about. In fact, there are many opinions from various HR professionals regarding this topic. With all the stress that may come from work, it’s not unusual for employees to desire a life outside the workplace. But here at Telework PH, I’m constantly amazed by how our agents remain energetic and productive after a 40-hour workweek. This is where work-life balance comes in.

First and foremost, according to internet god and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, finding the harmony between work and life is a good framework. In a 2016 interview, he said that he prefers the word ‘harmony’ rather than ‘balance’ as the later tends to strictly be a trade-off. I think this is the ideal philosophy to follow. However, if you’re still on the process of integration, here are 5 tips to guide you to achieve work-life balance.

Tips on Improving Work-Life Balance


Learn to Prioritize Your Time

Use time management to prioritize your tasks. Particularly, choose to spend your energy on important errands so that you won’t feel overwhelmed to work.  Set deadlines for each task and stick to them. Also, be strict with your schedule and be wary of when you need to stop working to avoid burnout.

Be Realistic

Let’s be realistic, there can only be so many hours in the week to accomplish all the tasks you’ve set to do. Therefore, proper time management and setting expectations are key. On the other hand, there’s no such thing as perfection so avoid trying to do all your tasks in a short period of time.

Unplug from Time to Time

Nowadays, we live in an “always online” culture. With the ease of mobile phones, it allows us to be accessible even outside of the office. Although, working outside office hours has a major downside as it deeply affects our personal life. Go offline once in a while. Turn off your phone notifications and focus on that dinner date or lunch out with your friends. By doing so, you’ll find that you’ll be worry-free and refreshed for when you focus on work again.


Make Personal Time

Apart from unplugging from technology, unplugging can also mean taking a break from work. More importantly, this means that you should take a vacation from time to time. You can also swim on the beach or take a hike up the mountains to unwind or do whatever floats your boat. Prioritize activities or hobbies that you enjoy too. On your days off, plan to spend time with your family and loved ones as well. Between doing these, you’ll feel emotionally fulfilled and you’ll be ready to go back to work in no time.

Exercise and Meditation

I myself, am a strong believer in exercise and meditation to improve well-being. After waking up in the morning, I try to squeeze in a quick 30-minute workout and that will keep me energized throughout the day. And by the end of the day, I use an app to meditate before going to bed. I find that meditation releases the day’s stress and helps you sleep better at night. Let’s be mindful of our health and keep in mind that prioritizing your health will eventually help you become a better and productive worker.

There can never be a perfect work-life balance for everyone and these tips can only do so much to help. In the end, it’s up to you to change your work and life perspective to be able to achieve and maintain balance.

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