Inbound Call Center Services

Telework PH’s top of the line inbound call center service will turn satisfied customers into loyal customers promoting your brand. We specialize in maintaining great relationships with your clientele which is fundamental for customer base retention and expansion.

In the world of automation and robots, nothing can replace the warmth and personal touch your customers get from speaking with a live agent by phone, chat or email. So having a staff of knowledgeable and friendly people to focus on customer care is essential. As a result, your company will be nurturing and fulfilling successful customer relationships. Artificial Intelligence can only do so much.

Providing a call center service for your organization requires a lot of financial outlay, human resources and time that may veer you away from your core business functions which could impact customer relationships immensely. So that's where we come in. We're your company’s extension providing top of the line customer support. As a result, you save a lot of time, stress and money.

With Telework PH,
Your Customers Are Royalty

Our full-scale inbound call center service covers:

  • Customer Support
  • Product Information Request
  • Technical Support
  • IT Help Desk Services
  • Order Taking and Processing
  • Billing Inquiry
  • Inbound Sales

Enjoy the Telework PH Advantage Today

We invested in honing our customer service skills because we understand the value and importance of maintaining healthy customer relationships.

In the Philippines. we are way ahead of our competitors in terms of:

Science and Culture-Based Training

Skills can be taught and learned, but attitude cannot. It's been our goal to improve the very foundation of how a call center team can better represent you as the client, in order to give high quality customer care. Telework PH prides itself in psychology-based soft skills and culture-based training. As a result, your customers will have a more enjoyable experience.

We are the extension of your organization and the front line to your customers, so we dedicate the time to understanding your company's culture, beliefs, vision, and mission, and align it with ours. Doing so promotes a healthy work relationship, increases customer engagement, participation of outsourced staff, team productivity, and encourages open communication and trust.

As technology aggressively puts itself in the foreground as the solution to most business processes, Telework PH also uses science to complement it. Our science-based soft skills approach to working with people is very effective in increasing customer relationship success.

Innovative Solution and Continuous Process Improvement

Telework PH promotes a “plug and play” set up so you don’t have to start from scratch. Our team can easily adapt to the technology and current processes you are using. But as your partner with industry level expertise, we can also help by suggesting better practices to further streamline current processes so they will be more effective and efficient.

Telework PH is always on top of the latest developments in the inbound call center industry and we take care of all aspects from creating contact standards, training, operations to the extra layer of quality analysis. Why go through all the fuss of managing an inbound contact center if you can outsource it to an expert?

Safeguarding Your Customer Data Like the FBI

As a business our self, Telework PH understands the importance of protecting your customer’s sensitive data. Educating our workforce about IT security measures is one way to protect your data, but will never be enough. This is why we invested in high end monitoring software to ensure that our employees are complying with data protection guidelines and adhering with cyber-security policies.